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Ecolor Jewellery's Factory

Welcome to Ecolorjewellery’s Jewelry Factory, where you can Buy Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry created with love and care. We take pride in being one of Thailand’s leading Sterling Silver Jewelry manufacturers. Our in-house manufacturing process involves various steps, including casting, stamping, polishing, stone setting, laser cutting, and electroplating, all overseen by our experienced teams.

We produce wholesale and private-label jewelry made to order and offer design, prototyping, and packing services. Our world-class manufacturing facility meets the highest safety standards and allows us to produce over 2.0 million pieces of high-quality jewelry each month. We continuously expand our production capacity by investing in equipment and manufacturing processes.

Ecolor Jewellery Factory

We value our customers and strive to provide only the highest quality jewelry, always delivered on time. As a company that understands the importance of the entire supply chain, we support those who work with us by sharing our knowledge and values wherever possible. We employ the latest technology and skilled jewelry experts to bring unique and desirable jewelry pieces. Our sustainable jewelry manufacturing process has been specially developed to produce jewelry efficiently without sacrificing workers’ rights, product quality, or the environment.

Unique and Affordable Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Jewelries

Design and Prototyping

Our in-house design team creates creative designs that reflect modern demand and timeless aesthetics. The designs are then handed over to our prototyping team, who use current technology and traditional techniques to develop prototype reproductions and molds.

Raw Materials and Testing

Raw materials are purchased only from trusted and approved suppliers, and all components are tested in-house with a state-of-the-art XRF machine based on the AQL sampling method. These measures allow us to ensure only safe and compliant materials can be used to produce our jewelry.

Lost Wax Casting and Stamping

We develop a final mold and use a process called “lost wax casting” to produce products. As well as lost wax casting, we also use stamping as a production technique. After jewelry pieces come out of their molds, they require filing to produce a smooth and even surface. Using electronic filing machines, we delicately remove any unwanted surface marks & abrasions.

Filing, Polishing and Stone Setting

After the filing, it’s time to finish the jewelry piece so the metal demonstrates a perfect, unblemished surface. We have a variety of tumblers on hand, which are used to polish the details and make them bright and shiny. While there are automated ways of setting stones, we do this by writing to achieve a perfect finish. Our expert stone setters can set both large and tiny gems with precision.

Electroplating and E-Coating

We use electrochemical plating to increase durability and enhance the jewelry’s appearance. This process uses an electric current to briefly turn the jewelry piece into an electrode, causing a thin metal coating to form. We also provide e-coating services to increase durability further and prevent tarnishing. This similar process involves running a current through the piece to apply an organic lacquer, acting as an extra layer of protection.

Quality Control Process

At Ecolorjewellery’s Jewelry Factory, we are driven by our passion for jewelry and aim to produce only perfect pieces. We subject each piece of jewelry we make to an extensive, multi-round quality control process, looking for imperfections and ensuring that the work meets our customer’s exacting standards. Only pieces that meet specifications are approved.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality and innovative jewelry pieces that are unique and affordable. Contact us to Buy Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Jewelries and experience the beauty of our creations.